I want to write a story…

Not just any story. One that changes lives. One that shows people the value of a life.

I have visions been given to me from my Father. His word says to write them down and make them plain. I know my vision. It is to be clothed in garments of gold, wear shoes fit for a queen, to place ointment on my eyes so that I can see clearly (rev 3:18). There are steel rods inside of me to hold my strength everyday. Every trial, every battle places more strength. I know from the depths of my heart that I am not born to conform, to fit in, to be like anyone else. My life has always taken the other direction. To be a conquerer. To win the battle. To have achieved. I have never been one to win awards, to be the best at something in particular. I generally stay low and achieve “okayly”(?) at most things. But in the stillness of that, there is a rock inside of me that has remained strong. Maybe this rock is the foundation of Jesus Christ inside of me. The trials and battles we face daily are not designed by Jesus. It is important to realise this. Instead God knows our lives, even before we were born (jer 5). God does not come to steal health, life and relationships. He rather forms and prepares us for the battle that makes us stronger.

There are things that come into our lives, some are completely unfathomable. Do we have to know why these things happen? Why not just accept it? Why not trust that our Father can bring us out of it? There are strongholds that strip us bare of everything we own. Who are we to conquer it on our own?

Our lives were to live in unity. With people, with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Yes, we can have moments where we feel alone but it is a decision to do life with Jesus. Be open to his words, the visions he gives you. It is the purpose at the end of it all.



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2 responses to “I want to write a story…

  1. Rebekah Nolan

    “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” (Romans 8.18)

    You are GLORIOUS, Sam!


  2. Beth

    Gorgeous girl. I pray without ceasing. For strength, joy, peace, health and for a fast progression through the bone marrow.

    I can’t wait till this is over. I can’t wait for you to tell your story. To see lives changed through the journey you took. You are a true inspiration. I am so incredibly proud to be even considered a friend of yours. Although we don’t see each other enough, my heart and mind think of you always.

    And I can’t wait for our holiday with mums and sisters to melbourne where we can sip coffee at Mailing Road and shop down Chapel Street.

    You are beautfiul.

    Ps 91:4
    He shall cover you with His feathers and under His wings you shall take refuge.


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