this week

i went to hospital yesterday ready for another full week of chemo. i had my bone marrow biopsy. then my doctor called and said my counts are too low to start chemo so now i am home with not much to do. 

woo. x.



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3 responses to “this week

  1. grant

    im really keen to watch masterchef in the rainforest room soon. i miss that place. its soo soothing and rainforesty, with bad reception, just like in a real rainforest.

  2. beth

    I think we should definatly hang out!!!! I’ll msg you!

    Amen for good results from the biopsy.

    Love you gorgeous! xx

  3. Talyna Smith

    your strength and courage is something to be admired. like you said, its about the story that you will tell once this is all over.
    keep the faith, i believe in you.
    praying for you everyday


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