little update.

ah. i am sorry it’s been so long. this week has been so. um. long? i came into hospital last thursday after managing to convince my doctor that i had to see harry potter at la premiere wednesday night. this week has found many blessings and many downs. after alot of debate i have made a decision to go ahead with an allogenious transplant. this is a transplant from an unrelated donor either from germany or america – whichever donor matches my blood the closest. i will be having the transplant at st vincents hospital in darlinghurst and will continue there with blood transfusions until i am completely healed. so to say this is my last few days having chemotherapy at royal north shore.

so its been almost exactly six months from diagnosis on 28 jan 2009 until now 20 july 2009. i suppose i can say this part of my life is coming to an end and a new one is starting. from about september or there abouts i will spend at least one month at st vincents having this transplant and 100 days after that month to recover. of course this is give or take. the first week i have high dose chemotherapy and “total body eradation” for seven days. last thursday my doctor told me that radiation pretty much ensures 100% that i will never have any children due to the severeness of the treatment. feel free to believe with me that i will have a miracle, and this will not be the case.

i still have so far to come. i know i can do anything because Jesus has given me the strength to perservere. nothing will stand in my way.  no statistics, no lies from the devil, no “evil nurses” and goodness i can tell you about that. keep standing with me, by my family and grant. we still need as much support as we can get.

love always, sam.



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15 responses to “little update.

  1. beth

    believing with you for the miraculous! you will have a household of children, your flesh and blood, running about your feet. you will be strong and healthy, and your testimony will change many, many lives to live for Jesus.

    you never cease to inspire and amaze me with your faith and determination.

    praying continually.

  2. Jo Barrett

    What an honour to know and pray for you from afar….this is Jo Cook ex-OFGS teacher in case u r wondering who is stalking you….i think of you and pray for you daily….your beauty and strength shines…xxxx

  3. Hey Sam,

    Still believing with you, still praying. x

  4. Talyna Smith

    we all have so much faith that god will do miracles for you.

    sam, you’re amazing.

  5. Laura J

    I’m always praying for u and your family sam. Love that you are so strong and u can do any thing u want this is only the beginning 🙂 love love love xxoo

  6. Sam the Lord gave me this in the first week of diognosis “I will take away sickness, none shall miscarry or be barren.I will give you a full life span” and I believe it Love grandma xxxxx

  7. Bronte Waller

    Beautiful Sam. You are so divine. I can’t possibly imagine how you ever process all this. It is just too big- glad we can bundle it all up into a beautiful box, wrapped in string with a tag tied to it saying ‘For God’. Jesus has made all we have possible. You know I partner with you in it all. I would love to put this letter on the sam froggatt blog if you could give me permission. Or can I add a link to this blog? Big love and prayers to you. XXXX

  8. Bec

    You are going to have at least eleven children!! & We will be hot walking stroller mums 🙂
    Thankyou for your beautiful blog space- so inspiring!
    Always praying and believing
    Much love x x x

  9. kate moylan

    yes! sam, definately believing with you for your kids. I can see us taking our kids down to claireville in the late afternoon of summer for dinner- just like our parents did with us haha. so much love. x

  10. Dear Sam,
    You won’t remember me but I spent lots of time with your Mum And Dad and you girls when you were little in Melbourne. Your words and those of your family have touched my heart. You are so beautiful and your love for the Lord and your faith in him are humbling. I have endured Chemo too and know it is horrid. I am praying for you and a complete recovery in Jesus’ precious name. You are an inspiration.

    • sam

      hey rosalie,

      thank you for your lovely comment. i do remember you from melbourne especially when i saw a picture of you. i seem to have a good memory ha. i looked at your melly and me blog site – mum showed me – you are incredible. i love everything you do. you are an inspiration to me. its so good to know that youve done so well even in the life after cancer. im counting down the days when i can live a normal life again.

      thanks for being in touch.

      love sam

  11. Wow Sam, I only just found out today from your facebook status. It’s hard to believe that this is happening to you! What I do believe though is the unseen, the healing that our saviour has in store for you. I believe that He’s going beyond just dealing with the Leukemia, onward to preserving the generations in your family, making sure there’s little Sam’s to come!

    You’re an amazing woman Sam. You speak a powerful message of hope through this and I look forward to the testimony that comes from this!

    Much love and prayer!

  12. hey sam!

    it’s neil quinlan here… same deal as my wife rosie, meaning that i’m not sure if you’ll remember me from CCC Melbourne, but you’ll remember my son sam. he says you guys used to play together, mostly at the creche during church, i guess.
    anyway, whether you remember me or not is not the point… the point is that i want you to know that there is at least one more person praying for your full remission and recovery. it’s so fantastic to read that your faith in Jesus is alive and well and strong! i always respected your parents, and went through Bible college with your dad in ’84… he’s a classic dude.
    all the best, sam… cheers!
    –neil quinlan (“Q”)

  13. Sheralyn Bucknell

    Hi Sam – thinking of you today – actually thinking of you everyday – and praying for you – not a day goes by. One day this will all be behind you and you will be looking back with a sigh of relief. As we all will be. Lots of love to you. Your bravery and grace speak to us and encourage us in our lives and journeys. Thank you. xxx

  14. Hi Sam & Claire.
    You don’t know me but I have been reading your blogs & following Claire on Twitter.
    I attended C3 @ oxford falls for 10yrs & recognize you.
    Anyway none of that really matters, I just wanted to say I think you are brave & beautiful…fighting the good fight of faith & winning. You are strong & corageous & I pray that you will stand in victory & complete healing. May God bless,protect & compfort u.
    Love Skie.

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