some favourite things







this little man makes me laugh.

that’s all. 




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8 responses to “some favourite things

  1. Penny Dalton

    Hi Sam, you write so beautifully, plus I love the pictures you post, they are so unique, so refreshing, where do you find them all? The card game seems so familiar to me, I’m sure I must have played it as a child, but I can’t seem to place it.

    Thanks for sharing your journey, you continue to inspire me & remind me of what is important – I regularly reflect on situations with you in mind, as I go through my week. You are having such an impact on many people.

    • aplacetogetlost

      hey pen! ive gotten into the habit of killing time but searching through blogs. i just find one and follow links and find cute things to save and post. thank you for your constant prayer and faith. love sam

  2. Silvia Noble

    Who’s the cute little one with the penguin…. (he looks familiar ?) and I want his red and white stripe jumper.
    P.S You shouldn’t be laughing at the other little man, he doesn’t have any arms, hence the coin slot.

  3. gillian

    hello again!
    i really like jon foreman’s seasons eps that he did…they’re really good!! you should take a listen if you get a chance 🙂

    here’s a blog i think you’d like, based on these cute little illustrations!

    enjoy! you’re great!

  4. Bronte Waller

    lovely lovely lovely….

  5. Bronte Waller

    but…did u notice the bum slit? Nasty.

  6. beth

    You are my favourite things.

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