exceeding expectations

something to think about before my next post…

be fanatics. when it comes to being, doing and dreaming the best, be maniacs.




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4 responses to “exceeding expectations

  1. Hi Sam,

    We havn’t met so I really hope you don’t mind me reading your blog. I am a friend of Lucy Mason and Mitch Hammond, (among a few others you would know) from Newcastle. I just wanted to tell you, although I’m sure many have said it already, you are very inspiring! I heard about your story and thought you might like to know you have someone in C3Victory praying & believing for you.
    I’m sorry if this is too weird or random!

    Hoping you’re enjoying day immensely =]

    Christina Thompson.

  2. Karinda

    Sam I think you are so pretty… I love you xxx Karinda and buba Reef

  3. Luke thorn

    Praying and believing for a miricle for you Sam 🙂 Luke

  4. so many people love you Sam xxxxxxx

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