i know. can you believe it?

so many people have been asking:

can you drive??

can i come visit you?

can you come see me?

should you be in church?

what about isolation for 100 days?

all year long i’ve been told not to see people. but my doctor at st vincents has told me to live my life to the fullest so i don’t go stir crazy. but to not be around people who are sick (colds, flus, anything contagious). the fact is i am immuno-suppressed. my body is still fighting for its life. but i live now in freedom, but with wisdom i suppose you could say.



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4 responses to “i know. can you believe it?

  1. Lovely Sam,
    I know we don’t know each other, but I just wanted to let you know how AMAZING, INSPIRING, INCREDIBLE you are, & that I wish we *did* know each other. Your faith & your relationship with God have deeply touched me (understatement of the century), so much so that last night I picked up my bible after five, long years of it sitting on the shelf. I want what you have. I want to know (& believe) what you know & believe. Thank you for keeping this blog, & thank you for being such an incredible witness to God’s love.
    Katie xx

  2. Bella Blaiklock

    Hi Sam
    You are a very beautiful and BRAVE woman! My daughter (Asha Rose) had ALL 4 years ago and is now in Kindy at OFGS, well and healthy. Let me know if you would like to meet her….My prayers are with you.
    Thanks Bella

  3. T


    I have only now come to terms with the full potential of ‘blogs’.

    This is my first ever reply to a blog.

    I hope you are ok. Renee and I miss you. Judging from your recent comment; it seems that you’re up for more visitors? It would be lovely to see you. Let us know when’s good.

    Anyway, I’m sure people have said it before me and many more will after me but just so you remember; you are amazing.

    We love you so much


  4. Deb Mac

    Incredible lady – you’re awesome! Preaching it while passing through this long, rocky valley, full of hope and courage. How proud you make your Father! You’re an inspiration to all of us xox

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