to andrew and sarah

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From one of my favourite authors and speakers Rob Bell. It’s from his newest release “Drops Like Stars”

When you talk with people who have just received news that they have a life -threatening illness, what do they say?

“Now I must get those hedges trimmed!”

“I’ve been putting that plastic surgery off long enough.”

“It’s finally time to join that online poker club.”

No of course not. They talk about family and friends. They gather those they love as close as possible. They reflect on any amends that need to be made with anybody.

They talk about what matters most.

Suffering does that.

It compels us to eliminate the unnecessary, the trivial, the superficial.

There is greatness in you. Courage. Desire. Integrity. Virtue. Compassion. Dignity. Loyalty. Love. It’s in there – somewhere. And it takes some suffering to get at it. It’s in there.

I have a couple of friends from the ward at Royal North Shore and St Vinnies who I have managed to stay in touch with. We are on facebook and generally keep each other updated with how we are going. Today I was sitting in pharmacy waiting to pick up my  daily drugs and I thought to check how my dear friend Andrew was going so I flicked to his page and the words that I see “Rest In Peace Andrew.” My heart almost stopped. It almost broke. He didn’t make it. His beautiful family, and Sarah his fiance whom I got to know quite well, I can’t imagine what they’re feeling. Life is so short.

After leaving st vincents today, Mum and I dropped past Royal North Shore to pass on this same Rob Bell book to another close friend facing a relapse of AML Leukaemia. You may have heard mum speak of him on her blog ( We walked down the halls and all I could feel was the emptiness of the place. It’s dark, and cold, its like people have engraved their fear into the walls. And we see our beautiful friends Liv Chapman, just had her stem cells harvested to give to her older brother Sam for his second transplant. She was so bright but so broken hearted for her brother. Suffering. And her parents. Imagine watching two of your children suffer for this one stupid disease.

Suffering is in front of us everyday and like Rob Bell says, it’s so important to talk about what matters the most. What matters most? Jesus Christ. All I can say is I wish I went up earlier to talk to Andrew about the love of Jesus. I can only pray somehow Sarah read mine or mum’s blog and led him to the Lord. God does not come to bring suffering, he comes to bring life and hope and abundance.



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4 responses to “to andrew and sarah

  1. Bronte Waller

    Oh Sam- oh Sam- what can we do??? I feel like rushing to RNSH and writing scriptures all down the corridors- planting sunflowers all over the place- YES! the world can be a VERY dark place but the LIGHT of LIFE loves us so much. He can turn the darknest place into a resting place. Lord we pray for all those that are suffering under this horrible disease – Lord send your mighty hands of rescue. PLEASE shift and change us. XXXX

  2. girlhardlyworking

    So heartbreaking Sam. You are a light in this place even though you are suffering too. You never know what impact you had on Andrews life and the lives of others around you watching and witnessing yours and clare’s resiliant faith. We are all praying and standing with you as you walk those dark corridoors and bring light and life.

    Beth xxxxx

  3. Laura

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you Sam xx

  4. Bridget Roberts

    You life Sam oozes Jesus, people can not help but encounter him by their interactions with you. Your courage is unspeakable and your life impacts the lives of many.

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