arghh. i havent written in like a month. ive been arguing with myself. “you’ve got nothing to write now,” you should do something else,”  “no one wants to read now all the hype of hospital’s over,” and then “oh maybe people do wanna hear something…” but what to talk about? ive been battling with my perfectionism. other peoples blogs are so much better than mine i shouldn’t even bother. so instead i decide to write a book. which i have started but stopped because am out of ideas of what to say. then i start sticking in pictures in the book im making and get stuff everywhere. to make matters worse grant suggests painting. (ive never been a painter) so we have a painting day and more stuff goes everywhere. he said it looked good that way.

anyway my thyroid is playing up like insanely. which limits my hands from functioning. i cannot write. hand write. so that limits me to writing my story in my scrapbook. frustrating. i could always type and print but that won’t look creative.

so this is a whinge. sorry guys. happier one soon.



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9 responses to “whinge

  1. meaghan

    little tripple dont worry, you’ll finish your book. plus! your blog is great and i love reading it. love you x

  2. You are wonderfulamazingbeautifulincredible, nothing you write is boring, silly! Our hearts must be friends, because mine is doing stupid annoying things at the moment, too (I so get the shaky, anxious, racing head etc). & I feel the same way about my blog; it’s like, who wants to read me complaining about a problem that’s pretty much my own fault anyway? Grr. Frustrating. Our inspiration must be friends, also, because mine has gone missing. Perhaps they are together, doing something inspiring without us. Hmm. Anyway, I love you, & I think you’re amazing. & I have a type writer for you! I just need to (a)find it, (b)clean it & then it’s all yours. xx

  3. Cassie

    We are all still listening, Sam 🙂

  4. Lil Berry

    Please keep writing Sam and posting pictures, your insight into life is inspiring. Hospital is just a part of this whole journey, and I want to hear the whole story. You can’t stop me from ever listening. Love Lil xoxo
    p.s maybe photography is your creative forte?

  5. I LOVED your whinge keep up the good work .The contact with you is good even if it is a whinge .I love your creativeness.Miss not seeing you so much (can’t wish you back in hospital )Hang in we know God is faithful All the love in the world grandma xxx

  6. Michele C

    If you don’t let it out sometimes, you will explode.
    No one can go through life and not have a vent from time to time. God knows what you are going through and He understands. You are a hero for being so strong in this journey that you are on. And you are appreciated for your raw honesty. Be true to yourself in thought and in word. Be released from this burden as you think and speak and type it out of your system. And all the while know you are held up in prayer by others. Now lean on Him who understands you completely.

    Love in the Lord

    Michele C

  7. emma

    you could try colouring in?
    sorry that was a joke.
    love you x

  8. Bronte Waller

    a bit slow on the uptake with this one- didn’t realise you had written. the common thread of the blogs that are powerful is they are real…it’s not the perfect spin on words, the web of meaning threading thru…the words that have the greatest life changing impact are truth…you want truth, you seek truth and you say it as it is and stranglely and powerfully that is what changes us all…it’s not from the perfect high hill overlooking the vineyard we have our greatest voice…it’s down amongst the vines when the flood’s been thru and you are covered in mud and it looks like the crop is a goner that your voice is loud and clear to those around you. life has been so full for you this year. you are magnificent. your voice has and does change lives…seriously. you want to hear whinging- i really don’t think this blog cuts it…i’ll show you whinging!
    Love you Sam- you’re my hero. xxxx

  9. Sandy Foster

    Hi Sam – I am so watching your space! Today as I submit this comment I do believe your hands are no longer shaking! Awesome news. I’m so glad you felt like you were able to have a whinge on your blog – why not – its yours!

    You are a maginficent young woman with a great future – even though I hardly even know you I know the company you keep – and its Divine. I am looking forward to that book too!

    You have such a beautiful family and friends who love you – I feel privilleged to have been able to be part of your journey this last year in some small way. Keep writing…. keep dreaming…. Keep talking! Gorgeous girl!

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