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I’ve been fiddling around looking for photos or something to inspire me to write a blog all afternoon. Then I thought “I know maybe I should put pictures up from last year.” Now I’m warning you, there are some that are pretty, some that are not. You may get shocked at how I changed throughout the course of my treatment. I want to tell you a story through pictures. I am almost a picture of health.

I found out about my diagnosis the night be for this. Grant came that night and the next day. He’s been so incredible looking after me all year. I think I was in shock mode. You can see how pale I am. I didn’t know what I was in for. I had my hickmans cathedra put in through my chest, in a vain leading to my heart. This was used to take blood from and give chemotherapy.

By the time February came around, strings of hair started to fall.

This is when everything became real. It hit me. I have cancer. My bowels started shutting down and I was (I can’t believe I’m saying this) but constipated for 2 weeks. The chemotherapy and drugs had started to take their toll on me. I was hospitalised for 3 days, on stacks of laxatives.

Prior to my diagnosis, Grant and I had planned a trip to Melbourne for the day. Early morning flight there and late flight back. We had tickets to see “Wicked” and there was a design festival on that we wanted to check out. This was cancelled and we spent the morning eating mum’s pancakes.

The next thing that I remember is my first proper CT scan with iodine in my veins. It was also the first time I ever exposed my naked head to anyone. I had lost my voice from one of the chemotherapy drugs called Vincristine. I couldn’t speak for two and a half months, leaving it very hard to say my 21st speech.

Well thats all for today. More photos to come and other inspiring little things. x.



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7 responses to “in photos 1

  1. You are officially the strongest, bravest, most beautiful girl I know. Truly. Lost for words right now. You inspire me, Sam [……. <– that's my loss of words].
    Love Katie

  2. liv

    you are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful in every way, sam.

  3. Bronte Waller

    YOU have been nothing but BEAUTIFUL every step of this journey. You are one stunning person Sam- inside and out. I really appreciate this photo journey- helps process where we’ve all been with you from your context. LOVE to you. XXXX

  4. Cassie

    Thank you for sharing Sam. You are brave & beautiful.

  5. Thankyou for doing this Sam.we have loved having you stay for the last two days love all your writings love you so much xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. girlhardlyworking

  7. Jo

    Sammy, you really are a true inspiration!!
    You give hope and inspire me to be a stronger person. Thank you for sharing your journey and being the most amazing person I know
    Love tall Jo from alfresco

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