hair dressing

A trip to the wig shop

On 8th Feb 2009 I attempted trying and buying wigs. I remember telling myself over and over “this is real, this is real. I have cancer, I can do this.” I was so nervous that I couldn’t drink my morning coffee. (That’s a big deal for me). We headed into Pitt St Sydney to a store called Wig Affair. Our appointment had been booked but when we arrived it looked like it was closed. Grant and I sat down at a close cafe and indulged in American waffles. I can’t have been too scared :). Then this gorgeous cropped haired lady walked around the corner and opened the shop. We walked in, “You must be Sam.” “Yes,” I said. She was so bubbly, so friendly. I felt safe.

I took my seat and started to pull back my limp long brown hair. I swallowed deeply telling myself that I am still beautiful. Even without hair. I can do this. I tried long, shoulder length and short hair, hair made from foreign countries- this really threw me it felt so overwhelmed and i felt like crying. The synthetic hair felt safer and I wouldn’t have to style it everyday. I left with the shoulder length one (the one I wear in a ponytail today) and Ann the sales lady was so cheery for me that she threw in a chin length one which I’ve never worn.

I remember getting in the car and calling Caley (my discipleship group leader) and being so brave. I know I just wanted to cry. But not in front of my family. I said that it was really successful and I was excited to wear them. I’m pretty sure tears were streaming down my face. I just kept swallowing.

Check out the pictures.



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4 responses to “hair dressing

  1. Lisa Mills

    That photo of Grant is priceless!! Natalie pulls faces like that all the time – now i know where she gets it from.

  2. Bronte Waller

    beautiful girl. XXXX

  3. Oh Sam. Truly, you’re the strongest, bravest, most beautiful girl I know. Wish I had half your courage. Your perseverance. You inspire me. Mmm…no words.

    Happy Valentines day, lovely šŸ™‚

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