Wow, what a week. I started back at uni doing two subjects. It was crazy, fun, hard, overwhelming. I sat in the first lecture and laughed with tears in my eyes. I’ve almost made it. I get out my stationary, hands still shaking from drugs and write my name and subject on the cover. So messy. I’m such a perfectionist. The room was packed full. Students were bringing chairs in left right and centre. I kept my head down avoiding eye contact with anyone. I wanted space on either side of me. I became overwhelmed, my tummy turned and I remembered that this is all in God’s plan. It came to the time where the lecturer asked us to talk to the person next to us. My immediate thought is “oh great, now i’m gonna have to introduce myself and tell the whole leukaemia story to some stranger.” We looked at each other and said hi. She asked me how long I’d been at uni for and I said it was a long story but that I missed last years classes because of leukaemia. It turns out she has a friend with it. She totally understood and didn’t ask further questions. It was amazing. I was so happy. A friend who understood. I walked her to her next class and we promised to sit together again.

I came home from uni on Monday with a purpose. A hope and a dream to keep moving forward no matter how long it takes and no matter how hard it is. My attention span isn’t strong, I find it difficult to read more than two pages at once, my brain goes fuzzy. My handwriting is messy. It’ll be years until I finish my degree. But I know in my heart that I am a conquerer. Sitting on His throne (Rev 3). I take day by day, putting my health first. Jesus is with me always. I can feel Him by my side. This is still hard but I have a vision for my future.



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13 responses to “university

  1. beautiful girl, thinking about you today, this week, this year. always praying.

    what a walk, a journey, a gift, a hope, a prayer a story, and a tiny, giant miracle God has placed so delicately in you. just. wow.

    “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten” joel 2:25


  2. Bronte Waller

    big yeah to you…you will have such an incredible story to tell your students…the incredible mission you went on to finally get to teach them…he knows their names…xxxx

  3. meaghan f.

    reading this made me so happy!
    tripple, you are indeed the conquerer. i can’t actually articulate how inspirational you are to me.


  4. my brave friend. i love you. you are so inspiring, even when you don’t feel it. you give me hope. amazing isn’t a big enough word.
    love xx

  5. Belinda Gerreyn

    You are a legend Sam! Go for it! We are still praying for total healing. For you to run, to leap, to fly! So proud of you. Those with a vision will RUN! Enjoy uni again. xx

  6. Katey H

    I’m so proud of you Sam… mental note I must change my “get to know you activity” for tomorrow’s tute!

    I’m at uni Tues, Thurs and Fri – so if you ever need a place to escape you’re welcome in my office!

    xo Kate

  7. Peta Harris

    amazing girl, yay for you. you’re inspirational. like a living bubble of hope.

  8. Adele

    I’m so proud of you… love you sammy xoxoxo

  9. Sandy Foster

    Wow Sam – you truly are an extraordinary example of one with grace and determination (strength and dignity are your clothing). What a star you are – believing with you for all your hearts desires to be fulfilled. Go girl – you are an inspiration!

  10. Dear Sam Just read your blog for the first time my computer was down for afew days and i don’t know what to do. heard from kate you had a good first day we are so proud to be your grandparents you will go far you know the Lord is with you all the way ( the computer came back all by its self ??????????????) love grandma xxxxxxxx

  11. judy chapman

    Hi Sam – so happy, glad, joyful, inspired that you have made it back to uni. keep walking in His strength and He will enable you, always. You’re amazing. love from us all xxx

  12. i know this cant be easy for u and i recognize that a few words from a stranger prolly wont have much gravity but ur hope is contagious and i think ive caught it.

  13. Just reading this blog – what a great Godwink to sit next to an understanding heart! Have you kept in touch or was it a “just when you needed it” thing?

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