when you have nothing left

Build me a home inside your scars.

Build me a home inside your song.

Build me a home inside your open arms.

The only place I ever will belong.

Jon Foreman



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3 responses to “when you have nothing left

  1. Lisa Mills

    I was disappointed on the weekend that Rich and I didnt get a chance to catch up with you, but i am so glad Nattie got to show off her ballet moves to Aunty Sam. She adores u and Granty.

    I am not sure if u know this but i think u r a truly inspirational person who i genuinely admire. Everyday part of my routine is checking 3 blogs – aplacetogetlost, samfroggat@blogspot and girlonaswing to find out how u r going. More often than not i have tear in my eye or wish i could be there for you, but then i remember u have Grant.

    Grant and i have never been good at chatting to each other about real stuff so i feel blessed to see how happy and amazing he is as a person through your eyes and your journey. (and ur blogs)

    I hope that this year the girls can spend more time getting to know Aunty Sam and u can continue to inspire them in their lives.

    Please keep writing on your blog even when u dont know what to write, i know i should comment to u more often but i find ur posts often leave me speechless. (slack excuse i know)

    Looking forward to your next post…..

  2. Lisa Mills

    One last thing…
    You are gifted at expressing yourself using both pictures and words even “when u have nothing left”!!!!!!!

  3. at least we arent still running alone

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