book a head for hair

I was browsing on the internet to kill some time today. I was searching “hairdresser puns.” I thought it was appropriate since my hair is now growing back ever so quickly. I came across some funny titles which I will let you search for yourself. However I found this one which is in Cotswold, Winchcombe, U.K. Interesting pun.

My hair started growing back in January, once the “100 days of bone marrow transplant recovery” period was over. It started out as fluff. Blonde baby hair. It was patchy, thin and thick in different areas and bald on the crown where I sleep. As soon as it grew I wanted to book as appointment for colour.

While my head was bare, the wig itched it. I had to pull down strands to cover the bald spots where the “wispy bits” should sit. Like behind your ears and down your neck line. I was convinced it didn’t look real. I think its funny that on wednesday at uni I walked into my tutorial and the girls rant “nice hair cut sam.” Little do they know. Mwah ha. I only tell some people at uni about my condition. If I think we’ll be friends longer than just a semester, I let them in.

For a whole year, I have scrubbed my head with soap. Never used conditioner, a hair dryer, straightener or product. I have instead placed a jewish style cap on my delicately skinned head and pulled my wigs on from front to back, side to side and twist til its perfect. As my hair has grown underneath, grant has always said “you look beautiful without your wig,” “are you going ‘wig-free’ tonight?” I would whip off my wig to close friends to see what they think. They would always rave. “It’s getting there! Its getting there!”

I have always been a long hair girl. When I was in kindergarten I got my hair cut into a bob. I cried and I cried when I looked in the mirror. Since then I havent gone back. Well until now, but it’s not like I had a choice. It takes courage to accept changes, to accept who you’ve become. Sometimes I  want to hide what I’ve been through just because it makes life so much easier. Now, wearing my new, grown hair out, it brings out more conversation. I have an opportunity to talk to more people than I would if was still wearing my wig. If people mention “Wow you have short hair.” I can choose to explain why.

Anyway, I need some of your support. Because I am new to this. Is there particular clothes that look better with short hair? I’m not quite sure how to pull this off. But I am open to your opinions. I got some inspiration from these pictures.

well eventually…

So now I get to book ahead with my friend who owns her own salon in her home. She is fantastic at what she does. 6 more weeks, my hair will double and I will need another cut.



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14 responses to “book a head for hair

  1. Clare Froggatt

    I’m the first to comment! I wrote in my journal the other morning about your haircut and about your courage. You always inspire me Sam, to be brave. You are so incredibly brave and beautiful. I wrote that in my journal too. I’ll never forget the look on Saxon’s little face when you walked into my Kindy room at the end of the day, to rush off to the long afternoon at the St Vincents clinic. I love how he moved up on his knees, still in cross legged position and announced “Phew, you’re beautiful!” You are!

  2. simmie

    True beauty can carry short and long, your easy to make beautiful Sam! Loved Saxons comment when I read it on twitter….made my day, your a woman of style you could wear anything, have loved watching the hair journey, thanks for letting me be part of it xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Kate Ambler

    i love these photos.
    short hair is so hot 🙂
    i have no doubt your pulling it off. just cant wait to see it!
    your mum is right. your courage (ironically) is SO encouraging. thankyou….
    love you sam.

  4. Jen Exton

    Sam, you will look stunning with your new ‘do’!

  5. ooohhh can’t wait to see your hair- bet it’s better than all the above. i had fun putting ‘pixie hair’ into google- very cute. hey, kelsey, my neice, has a stall at a zine fair on sat…i think you’d really like it……not sure if there’s more info anywhere else but has some details. my love to you. xxxx

  6. a friend of a friend

    you can totally pull off short hair. all it takes is beautiful face and a big smile.

    as for fashion – i think people with short hair can pull off way more edgy(?) looks! but whatever you feel comfortable in will be all good lovey.

    oh & sometimes people forget about accessories for short hair – ribbons, head bands, decorated bobby pins! when i was little i used to buy plain clips and paint them with different colours and patterns with nail varnish!

    you can totally do this. xx

  7. meaghan french

    you are such a little pixie anyway tripple, no doubt you are rocking short hair.
    i love the photos you found, i think your style already matches a short ‘do.’ you could get away with anything.
    love you! x

  8. Wendy Gilbert

    Go Sam! If anyone can do short hair beautifully, you can. You could do so many funky styles with short hair, the sky is the limit. My hairdresser is about your age, she is continually doing the funkiest short hair styles, different colours and cuts. You are truly amazing. Love you and admire you , even if I don’t know you that well. Love Wendy P.S. Love your blog!

  9. Amy Atkinson

    Wow Sam your definitely someone i really look up to.
    Your strength, your passion, your dignity, your beauty is all so so encouraging and inspiring.
    I’ve so loved reading your blogs, you’ve made my week 🙂
    Your amazing Sam!
    love Amy xx

  10. Sam you are amazing. you can totally pull of short hair! embrace the big bows and sparkly headbands. stunning xx

  11. Mazmumoftwo

    Short hair ROCKS!!

    I am sure it will suite you!
    This past year I decided to grow my short (very short) hair….It got almost to my shoulders and although my husband loved it…i didn’t, so I cut it all off!!! I feel much better…..

    Sam, your hair will grow, but enjoy the change….have some “hair” fun…..accessories and colour!!! as far as cloths and what to ware, it all works….

    good luck!!

  12. liv

    i chopped off all my long hair a bit over a year ago. scary but liberating, in a way.
    high necks and v-necks look great 🙂
    and yes, embrace the headbands and 60’s headscarves. big earrings too!

  13. girlhardlyworking

    you. are. hot.


  14. Short hair saves so
    much time x don’t tell anyone but I haven’t brushed mine for years, a wash and a flick and Im on my way xx rock on brave one Sam short or long you will always be beautiful in my eyes xx

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