thank you

thank you to all who are still reading my blog. i know i haven’t posted in so long but this is a good thing. i am becoming busier with uni, exercise and having fun so i am finding i have less time to do this. i am currently working with my psychologist to get back on track with life. don’t give up on me. i will beginning writing again very soon once i have gotten my head around this huge thing i’ve just been through.

please continue to pray for my health. i am on my last week of prednisone from tomorrow. that’s if all goes well. i have extreme mouth ulcers which will only get worse during the week. pray for my tiredness. i keep waking in the night every night.

so don’t give up, come back and check when you can.

lots of love x.



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5 responses to “thank you

  1. john peacock

    Dear Sam, so lovely to read your blog,can’t tell you enough how much grandad and I love you. We pray you are able to get a good job for the summer, short hours and lots of money.Be assured the Lord keeps you in the hollow of his hand all our love grandma and grandad xxxxxxx

  2. i’ll never ever ever ever give up on you. promise. we’ve got too much fun to have together. praying for you every day, for all the things we know need prayer. you are amazing & i’m so so glad that we are friends. you make my life a million times better. love you so much sam.

  3. dom

    It’s good to hear you’re becoming more busy (better being in a rush, doing a lot of stuff than sinking in complete boredom, right? 🙂 ).

    Stay strong! You’ll get through everything!

  4. Sam, I don’t know you (I’m a friend of Katie’s) – but I just wanted to say that I read your blog and I am praying for you. You are an inspiration.

  5. Still praying for your health, Sam. x

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