Hi all,

Well here I am again. I’m sorry its been so long. I thought I’d give you an update on where I’m at since its been six months since I’ve posted a blog with words. If you want to know about my medical details you can go to www.samfroggatt.blogspot.com If you dont already know, this is where hospital visits have been recorded since day I was diagnosed.

So I’ve finished my first year back at uni. I’ve overcome my shaky hands, (as I was talking about last march). I did really well considering I was still so sick. I changed my single education degree to a double degree in education and linguistics. Call me crazy. So now I am preparing to enrol for another three years of university. It will be worth it in the end.

I have continued making little soft toys… I posted one of them a while ago, one that I made while in hospital, Graham and Alice in Wonderful. Go back and have a look. This has been my way of enjoying the time I spend at home on my own. These toys have led me to creating a business called “x the boys” said as “kiss the boys” but i thought the “x” for kiss was a cute symbol. Anyway I have made lots of sales for adults and babies as well as teens and early 20’s. Please have a look at my website. Each design is made to order. You can choose colours and styles. How fun! Here are some photos of some I have sold and made that are still available! Click on the to go to the website.


super peter panda


olivia owl


linen owl

grace the garden bunny


ted tooth holder

In November I began casual work again. At first it was so painful on my back because I was standing up on hard ground. It put pressure on my lower back where the muscles and tissues are so tight because of my previous lumbar punctures and bone marrow biopsies. I almost decided not to go through with it but something told me to try again. So I took 2 weeks off to let my back recover and I went back. It was really cool because I worked with some really fun people the next few times which changed my outlook of everything. I knew if I kept showing up (keeping boundaries with my health) I would eventually get the hang of it. Since I am just a christmas casual, I might not be able to work here at the end of the month. I’m praying they keep me!

Last summer I had to stay inside all day every day as the heat used to give me fevers with shakes and sweats, this year i have been out on hot days on the beach, staying under the shade of an umbrella. But I do now react to the heat anymore. Today I go to the hospital again for my month intragam infusion that is three hours long. This week I have come off 10 prednisone to 5 prednisone and on the 17th I drop my immuno-suppressants from 50 to 40. This is a huge thing since I’ve been on them for 14 months. Next week I go for all my immunisations/baby needles again since I have a whole new body, its like I’m being born again.

You’re prayers are still important to me. There’s still a long way to go. But I see the end in sight.



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7 responses to “2011

  1. Annie Jacometti

    Darling Sam You don’t know me but I knew you as a little
    one! Thank you for your strength and courage! Such an inspiration
    watching mum and daughter! Our journey us different to yours and
    yet you and Clare inspire me so much! Lovu and believe in you and
    your dear parents Annie Jac

  2. Chloe Bucknell

    Sam- What an inspiration you are to us all. LOVE the toys
    you have made ‘x the Boys’ is such a cool name! Believing with you,
    praying for you. Here’s to a yr unlike the past ones, a yr full of
    fun, breakthrough, joy, creativity and loads of love.

  3. Talyna Smith

    hey sam, its talyna.
    not sure if you remember me, but my mum is good friends with kim and ive been reading your blogs for ages.
    i just did 2 years of linguistics at macquarie and am now changing degrees and uni’s, but if you need textbooks or anything then i can probably help you out since im not sure if they change very much.
    hope you stay well

  4. Deborah Cohen

    Hi Sam. You’re beautiful mum taught my little one in Kindy 2008 and I’ve been following your enormous journey. I love the “x the boys” toys! Seriously cute. A friend of mine put me onto a Melbourne site and I thought I’d send it on to you because the have this clever idea for putting lights in their critters! The link is http://www.thesourceproducts.com and the product is “creature light”. Have a look. I think your “boys” are much cuter than theirs! Travel well, travel strong. Deb xxx

  5. I love the softies… so sweet.

    ‘… And hope does not put us to shame…’ Romans 5:5

  6. Hey Sam,
    Helen from ccc chatswood here.
    Just want to say what a blessing you are-through sharing your story you’re not only educating people but you’re speaking into peoples hearts about the truth of the Lord.
    Your strength,ability to be open & encouragement in the light of such illness is amazing.I feel proud to know you & follow your progress.
    Continue to pray for you chick xx

  7. Uncle James

    You are a Beautiful, Beautiful child of God, He looks down on you and smiles each day. All the other Angels in Heaven didn’t want to let you go when you were born, but God knew you would make a Great change to so many people’s lives. You have and will continue to do so !! XXX
    I will certainly be putting in an order in for a softy.

    LOADS OF LOVE, Uncle James

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