Grade 3

At lunch today, I sat on the same sleepers as I did in Grade 3. While eating my lunch I gazed across the basketball court at my new classroom. The same classroom where I was the student when I moved to Sydney to live with my grandparents 17 years ago. I was sent to Sydney by my mother and father so that I could secure my spot at the school that my best friend attended while they sold the house in Melbourne. As I sat on the sleepers I saw Sabrina and I giggling as we hung our bags on the hooks, Mr Southwell strolling out of the classroom welcoming us lovingly. I remembered the time when Sabrina felt sick upon arrival at school due to the hour and a half trip from Castle Hill. She told me that she wanted to go to sick bay but then I decided I felt sick too so I took the sick bay pass and Mr Southwell thought Sabrina wanted to bludge. When I was eight, I thought living away from my parents for three months would be the hardest thing I would ever have to face. At 25, I learned that life is full of hard things.

Today I saw new children walking into my room with their own trials. I became the teacher strolling out of the classroom welcoming them lovingly as they giggle and hang their bags on the hooks. I know that my experiences will equip me to build resilience in my students. To show them how to value life and live life the best way they can. They will learn that they can be great at things. They will learn that although they will face trials and challenges they can still conquer.


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