notes about me

your lost…

but while you’re looking for the right way to go you can read a few bits and pieces from my thoughts, journal entries, revelations and frustrations from my journey through life, leukaemia, chemotherapy, walking with God and everything else.

I hope that you will stumble across something that inspires you or keeps you informed on the journey that began in January. Please feel welcome to leave comments and feedback as it is always encouraging to hear from you especially when I don’t get many chances to see you.

Thanks for stopping by.


5 responses to “notes about me

  1. tiffanymae

    hey sam,

    i don’t ever actually get the chance to talk to you, but i thought i’d leave a note here.
    you’re amazing, you seriously are. you’re faith in God, determination, hope… you’re really, quite honestly, the strongest girl i know.

    hang in there, God’s got you in his hands.

    tiffany mae xx

  2. Felicia

    Little Sam, I’ve just spent the last hour pouring over your blog, reading out bits to my husband, smiling and crying. I really don’t know what to say! Thank you for deciding to share this with all of these people, with me.
    How are you? So happy you’re back at uni – did you start the design course you were thinking about back at LL?
    Sam, your writing is so good. It’s addictive. I have not been able to stop reading, it’s not just the fact that you’re sharing such an intimate story, allowing all of your faces, feelings, experiences, inspirations to viewed by so many people, such a rare thing. It is also, significantly, the way you have written these things. Andrew is telling me to tell you to write a book (which I think you are??), but also to just start sending pieces of this to publishers.
    You write beautifully. You are a joy. Thinking of you. Hope to see you soon. Love Felicia

  3. Zoe Visser


    Do you remember ” Minnie n Me ” A book of verse ????

    I still have it… it was our favourite book! Its worn and torn and ‘you’ gave it to me on my 5th birthday 🙂

    I have been reading ‘A place to get lost’ and YOU are a miracle Sam. Keep strong, it inspires me!

    This made me think of you –
    Love Zoe xx

    ‘Rainy Day’ ( minnie n me book )

    The rain is pouring down outside.
    The sky is grey, and storm clouds hide the smiling sun.

    Theres nothing much to do today.
    Its much to wet outside to play
    or skip or run.

    I call my friends, but they’re all out,
    so i decide to write about
    the raging storm.

    I write a rhyme or two for fun,
    and by the time the poems done,
    I’m feeling warm.

    I’m glad I had this rainy day.
    I did some things I always say
    I want to do.

    I won’t mind if it rains tonight.
    Tomorrow will be warm and bright,
    and smell like new!


    • aplacetogetlost

      of course i remember. my copy is in mum’s kindy classroom. i’m sharing it with the next generation ha ha. far out i miss the old days. i look at photos and i feel like its yesterday. i remember you visited us when we first moved to our house in warriewood and we cooked and made an explosion. any way. you are the best and will always be one of my most adventurous, daring and exciting friends ever. p.s remember when i lived at narrabeen and their were boys on the street and you shouted out to them and we were gonna go outside. we were like 9. i was scared and you did it. ha.

      love you always x

  4. Hey girl, just want to let you know that your stories continues to inspires many people, i ve read some and share it with many. When you are weak, He will show Himself strong in you. Greater things are still to come!

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